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Residential & Commercial Renovations & New Construction

Hardscaping (Interior & Exterior)

Hardscaping (Interior & Exterior)

Investing in your property is no small thing. Considering that property improvement projects like hardscaping usually require spending thousands of dollars, it’s only logical to be wise when choosing a contractor. And here in the state of Texas, Renovate Now is among the most trusted names when it comes to creating various outdoor hardscapes – from walkways and driveways to patios and outdoor kitchens.

We also create indoor hardscapes like steps, stairs, masonry ovens, stone kitchens, and fireplaces. In any of these hardscaping creations, our exceptional skills and craftsmanship are what always stand out. Let’s make your property more captivating, functional, and inviting with the various masonry structures that we can build for you.

Interior Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping (Interior & Exterior)

Among our areas of expertise is in designing and creating one-of-a-kind interior hardscaping pieces. These structures benefit from the unmatched expertise of our team of interior designer, architect, and masons who all work closely with every client for a truly holistic approach. We can build you the following interior hardscapes:

  • Fireplaces. There could be times when spending the night outdoors are not possible because of snowstorm or heavy rain. Fireplaces built in your living room will ensure that you can still enjoy your free time with your loved ones huddled near the warmth of a fire.

  • Ovens. If you want the unique taste of oven-cooked food like pastries, a masonry oven will surely delight you. We can create brick ovens that can perfectly cook delicious cupcakes and pizza in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Kitchens. Indoor kitchens made of premium stones exude a truly homey and warm feeling that can make cooking and preparing meals more personal. They are perfect for both classic- and modern-inspired homes and possess a timeless elegance that you and your family or guests will appreciate.

  • Steps and stairs. Nothing beats the durability of stone steps and stairs, since they are practically going to last for a lifetime. And in the hands of expert contractors like us, you can expect to have stairs and steps that can add to your interior’s overall beauty.

Exterior Hardscaping Works

Hardscaping (Interior & Exterior)

Beautifying outdoor spaces is a serious task that must be handled only by certified contractors. And when we’re talking about exterior hardscaping, Renovate Now offers the finest services with a personal touch.

We create durable hardscapes that are guaranteed to provide the functions and aesthetic appeal that clients have in mind. We can design and build pool decks, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fire features, patios, gazebos, and many others. Just tell us your design requirements and the amenities that you need and we will incorporate them in our design plan.

Our Advantages

Hardscaping (Interior & Exterior)

We at Renovate Now only employ personnel with proven experience and skills in handling various hardscaping tasks. From our masons to our designers, we ensure that everybody has the training and knowledge to come up with eye-catching interior and exterior hardscapes. Our people are also oozing with creativity and passion for excellence, which are evident with our high quality outputs. We also use only tried and tested premium materials – from bricks, natural stones or concrete pavers – to be certain that our works will stand harsh weather and natural wear-and-tear.

Call us today and let us address all your hardscaping requirements.

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Exterior Hardscaping | Interior Hardscaping

Interior Hardscaping

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