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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Texas is blessed to have great weather that is perfect for frequent outdoor activities such as family cookouts and gatherings. And one way to improve your outdoor living experience is to have a fully-furnished outdoor kitchen. It will make every outdoor activity more fun and enjoyable.

However, if you feel that your existing kitchen can't provide these benefits, it's probably time to have it renovated. Fortunately, there are many companies in the state that can help you redesign or build outdoor kitchens; however, not all of them can provide outstanding results. As such, be sure to hire a company with decades of experience in the industry. The company should also have creative designers and expert people who can work on any design and type of kitchen – whether it is a traditional or modern design and a residential or commercial type.

And one company that you can count on is Renovate Now. Our company has been helping Texas homeowners experience the best in their outdoors by designing and installing stunning outdoor kitchens. We have the experience, skills, and complete tools and equipment to complete any kitchen improvement or installation project.

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Amenities

Outdoor Kitchens

The functionality of your outdoor kitchen depends on the way you outfit it. Of course, the most basic feature would be to have a sink, a stove with grill, and a counter space. But apart from these, you can also add other features and accessories to make cooking more convenient and fun. A large storage area, chiller and refrigerator, mini bar, dining furniture, and an entertainment system are just some examples of what you can add to this area.

There are also several options when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen. The usual layout for indoor kitchen can also be applied to the outdoor ones, which is a choice between an L-type and a single counter running its length. But at Renovate Now, we don't stick to the traditional designs of outdoor kitchens. We always put a unique touch to our creations by incorporating our clients’ ideas to our initial kitchen design plan. We always consider their personal needs and preferences so that they will be more than satisfied when we complete the project.

Themed Kitchens Using Premium Materials

Outdoor Kitchens

At Renovate Now, we give our clients the freedom to choose the type of materials we’ll use for their outdoor kitchens. For flooring, walls, and other masonry structures in and around the area, they can choose from bricks, natural stones, or concrete blocks and pavers. We also have quality wood for cabinetry and other woodwork.

Moreover, our strong partnerships with the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers also give our clients a free hand in choosing the right features for their kitchen. They are assured of long lasting kitchen equipment and accessories because most of these materials are made of premium stainless steel.

With creativity, premium products, and the right combination of materials, we can easily come up with any theme that our client wants. We can build themed outdoor kitchens like Tropical-inspired, Mediterranean, or Contemporary. Just tell us your preferences and we will work on them.

Call us today and experience how we transform your typical outdoor kitchen into one of the best places to stay at in your outdoors. And for Spring and other Texas homeowners who still don’t have this kind of amenity, let Renovate Now build a unique and functional outdoor kitchen for you.

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Outdoor Kitchens
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Outdoor Kitchens
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