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Room Additions

Room Additions

Renovate Now is a home improvement contractor that can handle room additions anywhere in Texas. Whether you choose to extend your living space for a new room or convert an existing one into something more functional, you can rely on our expertise and high quality work.

Reasons to Add a Room

There are many reasons why property owners need additional rooms in their home. A growing family means that there will be more people occupying the same limited space when you first started as a young couple. Accordingly, overcrowding can be avoided through room additions.

While moving to a new place can be very exciting, it can also mean that you and your family would have to adjust to a new neighborhood, school, and friends. However, by just adding new spaces in your home, you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of your family as compared to relocating or buying a new house. This is actually a cheaper option for home owners.

Another reason why some homeowners require new room additions is the change in their lifestyle. Some want a man cave while others want a new space for their new favorite hobby.

Room Addition and Renovation Options

With our builders’ extensive knowledge and skills, we can handle a variety of room additions, such as:

Room Additions
  • Entertainment rooms. Convert your basement or garage into a place for entertainment, recreation, and fun with a dedicated entertainment room.

  • Guest rooms. Whether it is for a family member or for future guests, we can add a room or convert your attic or basement into an extra space for rest and sleep.

  • Home office. Need a space dedicated for work? We can build or renovate a room to make it quiet and functional enough for productive work-from-home moments.

  • Mini library. A dedicated room for reading is a great addition to any home. Accordingly, we can extend your home or convert one of your rooms into a delightful book haven.

  • Audiovisual room. We can create audiovisual or theater rooms that are sound-proof and fully carpeted for maximum performance. We could also equip them with reclining chairs and couches for your utmost comfort.

  • Children’s bedroom. Your kids need a lot of room for their countless activities. Why not give them novelty double bunk beds that will not only enhance the beauty of their room but increase its functionality as well?

  • Living room. We have a lot of styles to choose from – cottage, Asian, Southern, eclectic or even old world. Just tell us which one you need and we’ll create it.

Creative Themes to Match Your Personality

Room Additions

Adding a new room without ruining the overall look and layout of your home can be a very daunting task for the inexperienced contractor. But if you hire Renovate Now, you are assured that any work on your home will be done carefully by renovation experts.

We have a creative team of designers and engineers who are well-versed with various home improvement projects, particularly with room additions. Whether you opt for a country theme or a contemporary design, we can easily incorporate it into your house and make it look like the room was part of the original house plan.

If you are in Spring, Oakridge, Conroe, Porter, Willis, or just about anywhere within Texas, all you have to do is give us a call. We would be more than happy to discuss your options and present you with a free quote as well.

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Room Additions
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Room Additions
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